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I had the opportunity to try all kinds of health methods using my body because I broke my body.Fortunately, I was able to recover completely, but at that time, I craved more health than anything else, and I worked hard to take data and practice it.

Among them, carbohydrate restriction was the most effective. Although it is a famous health law now, there are few people who practice it at that time, and I studied the blog and the book of Dr. Koji Ebe, a pioneer of carbohydrate restriction, and Dr. Makoto Natsui of wound-treatment. I learned that insects are the ideal ingredient for carbohydrate restriction, and that humanbeings have been eating insects as a valuable source of protein since ancient times, so I began to investigate insect food.As I studied insect food, I learned that insect food is a food that is friendly to people and the global environment and has great potential.

We regard insects that humans have eaten since ancient times as “future food from ancient times” and provide safe, secure, high-quality insect food so that they can be incorporated into the products of companies.

And by spreading insect food as “ordinary ingredients”, all of our staff will work to make many people healthy and contribute to the global environment.

We also offer lectures and advice on insect food, so please feel free to contact us.

Thank you very much.

Takashi Matsui 

CEO, entomo protein Inc.

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[Company Overview]

Company name: entomo protein Inc. corporate number. 4120101057213

Address: 4-18-7-402, Futyu-chou, Izumi-city, Osaka, Japan ZIP:594-00

Tel: +81-50-5856-5344 Email: info@entomo.jp

Representative: Takashi Matsui, CEO

Business: Import, sale, manufacture and enlightenment activities of insect food.Insect farming

URL: https://entomo.jp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/entomoJP/
Twitter https://twitter.com/entomoJP
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/entomojp/

[Our Philosophy]

Updating Insect Food to Future Food (Insect Food 2.0) by Modern Technology and Traditional food culture

In 2050, Enriching the food culture of 10 billion people worldwide